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Chelsea Wilkinson



Four years ago, I established Atholhurst as an owner-managed consultancy focused on providing a full suite of Corporate Relations and Communications services. 


I created my consultancy on returning to the UK from South Africa, to assume the executive responsibilities I’d held for 14 years as the Head of Corporate Relations for Ethos, a leading alternative investment manager. 


In late 2018, I started expanding my client base beyond private equity, to where my marketing and communication skills could be used to generate excitement, loyalty and returns.

About me

  • 20-year track record of successfully leading communication, brand, reputation and marketing strategies to achieve differentiation and competitive advantage

  • Extensive international experience across sectors & cycles; primary speciality in Investment Management, Financial & Professional Services and M&A

  • Key areas of expertise include:

    • Trusted adviser to CEO and C-suite with deep understanding of complex communications, reputation management, crisis communications, relationship management, integrated campaign management, and digital transformation

    • Investor communications & reporting, incl. AGMs, PPMs, DDQs, roadshows, pitch books, quarterlies, speeches, presentation writing, and sustainability reporting

    • Team leadership & people development; underpinned by 14-years talent management experience

    • Strategic, data-driven communications & corporate storytelling - ‘voice’ development and multi-channel brand building

    • Led full rebrand and CI for Ethos Group

    • Fully-integrated, aligned messaging & content: writing, design and production

    • Managing complex projects, teams, events and external agencies for optimal delivery, collaboration, budget compliance insights, and team development

    • Creative & design lead for Ethos Group and listed entity for 18 years.

  • 18 years with the leading sub-Saharan private equity manager

I  am an active member of SAVCA’s PR and Conference management sub-committees and a founding member of EMPEA’s Investor Relations and Marketing Steering Committee.


Prior to joining Ethos, I worked for Gemini Consulting, in their London and Johannesburg offices.


Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Radio, Film and Television) and Bachelor of Business Science combined Honours degree from the University of Kent, United Kingdom.

Member of the Institute of Internal Communications.


Connect with me through LinkedIn: Chelsea Wilkinson

What's in a name?

Atholhurst was named after the suburb where I used to live in Johannesburg. 


And that strange ¶ symbol in Atholhurst logo? 


Its called a 'pilcrow' and is a symbol used to mark a new paragraph, or the beginning of a new train of thought. 


A bit like Atholhurst.

Registerd in England & Wales   Company Number 9084031